Hello and welcome to Dogfooddog.com!  Dogfooddog.com was formed in 2017 with the intention to provide the best information about healthy dog food and treats to consumers.  My name is Richard Fehr and I am the lead writer/editor for this website.  I decided to start writing for dogfooddog.com because I have always loved dogs and other animals.  Dogs have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and they will continue to be.   Dogs truly are man’s best friends, so I feel it is important to share my opinions and knowledge about good dog food and treats.

There are many varieties of dog food and treats to choose from, yet many people do not know what is best for their pet.  I hope the information I post will help you make the best decision for your loyal companion.  In addition to product reviews, I will post content that is enjoyable to read.  Please check back often, so you do not miss any of the content I will be posting.  Remember, a happy and healthy dog will make you happy and healthy too!


Lead author/writer of dogfooddog.com